The Good Spirit Guide To Empath Protection

My sensitive nature often leaves me running for the hills to recuperate. Assuming that you are even somewhat interested in psychics, empathy, and introspective spirituality you can probably relate. I got together with some of my favourite empaths/psychics/healers to discuss protecting and conserving our energy. This is great information to have handy all year round, but for those of you that have gone through any sort of emotionally heavy or draining experiences as of late (or just, the fact the social/ political climate of our earth is so emotionally heightened) the cooler weather is a good excuse to get introspective and reflective on our behaviours and how they can be impacting our energy. 

Before moving forward we must acknowledge some of the ways that we absorb information  before we can understand how that might throw us of kilter. 

Recognize the Claire's. Clairvoyance - clear seeing - the ability to take in or visualize intuitive information, Clairaudience - clear hearing - the ability to hear intuitive information , Clairsentience - clear feeling - the ability to take in or feel intuitive information, Claircognizance - clear knowing - the ability to know or sense intuitive information. For a free quiz on determining your psychic sense type visit Natalie’s Miles website (link at end) 

Let’s all agree that your body is a sponge. The terms “be in your body” is thrown around a lot these days but what does it actually mean? To be in your body means to be outside of your head first of all. So removing yourself from your thinking, overthinking state, to which meditation is a great tool for getting out of. Being acutely aware of what you feel in your body.

But more importantly to be in your body is a reference to being in tune with your heart space. Your heart has the largest magnetic field of any organ in your body. It extends about 3 feet around you in diameter. 

Extend you arm out in front of you. Imagine that distance around you at all times. If someone is in that space they are in your heart space and you are tuning into the magnetic field of their heart at any given time. It was once believe that our emotional responses were dictated by our brain and send downwards affecting the state of the rest of our body. More current research is showing that your heart is more responsible for your emotional states than your brain. The heart sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. When we experience or feel negative emotions our heart send messages to the brain which recognizes the information and creates reactions down through the body. It has also been shown that the electromagnetic field of your heart can be altered by and sync up to those around us. Love, appreciation, compassion all create different patterns in the heart and effect how the brain interprets our emotional state.

Through just going out about or daily lives we are experiencing a multitude of information that is coming in psychically and energetically. We need to protect our selves and spaces to some degree to be able to conduct ourselves purely as the type of person we wish to show up in the world as.

By taking a time out every now and then to “hibernate” we can reflect on behaviours that might be conducive or destructive to us showing up in the world as our best selves and weeding our everything else. Not to mention get rid of needless anxiety, frustration and energy drains. 

Learn to recognize your own emotional states and feelings. To anyone who feels that they have intuitive abilities or “feels it all” the best way that you can organize all the emotional information you might be absorbing is by being able to pick apart what is your and what is other people’s. 

Use protective stone like Hematite, Onyx or Black Tourmaline. These are traditionally used to ward of negative energy and ground. If you are in a workplace where you are interacting with a bunch of personalities this will help keep you in your emotional space. I also have one resting in the corners of the doorways in my home. 

- Privacy 

Clean your home - this one seems obvious but it’s hard to feel positive when you live in a cluttered or messy space. And often before we can even consider doing something like a smudging ritual you should clean your house. It is said the quickest way to feel less depressed is to clear your space. 

Use essential oils to clean your space. Drop a few drops of lemon, and/or sage to your cleaning water. Not only does it smell good but you are tapping into the unique properties of the plant medicine. Both lemon and sage have been traditionally used for dispelling negative energy and protection.

Place a line of sea salt on your doorsteps. Sea salt is one of the oldest protective ingredients. It’s like drawing a line of “white light” in your doorway powered by the force of the ocean/moon.

Have a salt bath after draining or difficult interactions to help reset. Also a favourite tip from empath/psychic nat miles. 

Do a full moon releasing exercise. This is something I recommend quite a bit in the store, most of the time when I pull a 5 of cups for someone. To me it means there is some grieving or negativity that needs to be worked through. 

Pick up some blank paper and just start writing down your disappointments, frustration, anger. Usually “I don’t think it’s fair that...” is a good starter. You can focus around a certain area in your life such as a a relationship or your career. The idea is to get things moving in your body and hopefully make you ball your eyes out. A detoxification of sorts.  When you feel like you can’t write anymore, could be 1 page, could be 10. Burn it! You can do this anytime but I like to recommend doing it on a full moon as they are your traditional time to release and the moon rules our unconscious. Digging deep is it’s thing so it’s a good idea to harness that beautiful energy when it’s heightened. 

If you do any type of healing or intuitive work and not limited to those in the esoteric realm. But also, nurses, massage therapists

Work on creating a connection above rather then in front when trying to connect with another's energy. The goal here is to get the information through guides rather than in your physical body which can often be draining and overwhelming. This tip was given to me by soul coach and medium @breemelanson and I use it all the time. 

Get familiar with all the ways we take in intuitive information: Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Claircognizance (clear knowing). These are the basics. If you keep feeling overwhelmed by any type of sense you can always ask your guides for the information to come in another route as recommended to me by medium Bree Melanson. Like “Ok, I get the message, I don’t really want to feel this anymore, can you show me instead? or can you tell me instead?” If you really want to learn more about developing your psychic senses I recommend taking Bree’s Psychic Bootcamp online course. Or taking Natalie Mile’s online intuitive guidance quiz.

- Equal energy exchange. If you are doing healing or intuitive work make sure that you are adequately compensated. Money is a form of energy so making sure you are compensated for your work will not drain you compared to doing a bunch of readings for friends. Sure, we love helping our friends 

Equal exchanges of energy. 

Say no

Imagine a thick glass wall between interactions with people you find to be draining 

Cut cords with people who are no longer in your life. 

Full moon emotional release exercise 

Only sexual encounters with people same plane 

Recognize the emotional labor you put into plans. 


Savannah Olsen