The Union of Masculine and Feminine - In Union Within Ourselves

When harmonizing these energies within ourselves I find that a strong spiritual practice is most effective in supporting both. All unbalanced energies require that we need to spend more time:

* Disconnecting with our false self/ego.

* Stay connected to the present moment.

* Let go of our need to control.

* Connect with our heart. And if we freakin’ can’t then do the work to get to a place where you can. Either through grieving, journalling, doing things that bring us joy (creating), or just by being there for yourself. 

* The ability to decipher when a situation requires us to use our masculine (logic, rational) self and when a situation requires us to use our feminine (intuitive, emotional) self. 

In Union with Others

In sacred sexuality, the male and female bodies have energetic poles which are the keys to opening each other up. The female has a positive pole in her heart and a negative pole in her pussy. Her Bumble profile might read something like: “speak to my heart and I will speak to you.” Connecting with her heart (from an authentic place obviously) usually opens her up. 

The male body has a negative pole in his heart and a positive pole on his cock. His profile might read something like: “speak to my cock and I will speak to you” I know this sounds cliche and outdated but...I’m just going to let you reflect on your own experiences to help you determine what is true for you. Nourish his cock (again, from an authentic place) will help open up his heart. 

The point of this knowledge is that when in balance, divine feminine energy expressed as sensual and nurturing has the potential to open up the sacred masculine. And when the sacred masculine is in balance and able to hold space and provide inner strength to the heart there is potential to open up the divine feminine. 

Now of course there are all types of relationships and I hate to give information that seems strictly for male/female couplings (or just hello orgy please.) It is a guideline as to how to speak to the divine feminine and sacred masculine energy within any physical gender. Decide for yourself which energetic setup you identify with. 

Of course, plenty of other things come into play when we’re talking about sexuality. We will be touching base on these issues a bit more in our updated version of “The Good Spirit Guide to Getting it Om” which we will post next week!

Savannah Olsen