Order in The Court Cards

by Savannah Olsen

People struggle the most with court cards. Does a King of Pentacles have to have brown hair and be a Virgo? Does a Queen have to be a woman, or can it be the energy of a man? This is a system that is thousands of years old. Leaving any sexist rhetoric behind I tend to look at the cards on a barometer of weakest energy (Page) to the most robust energy (King) and then see how that is influencing a reading. 

With regards to gender, I look at it as a representation of masculine or feminine energy. So, your hyper masculine girlfriend may show up as a King of Swords. 

Traditional archetypal ideas of King’s and Queens also look at their shadow. For instance, a Queen is independent, sovereign, and is in her power. A reversed Queen (a Princess) is dependent on others, needy and attention-seeking. A true King is equally as balanced, strong-willed, and makes decisions based on long term goals. A reversed King (or Tyrant) is in it for the handclaps, equally as needy as the Princess, and often makes short-sighted decisions that hurts those around them. 

From there, we need to look at the element of the suit: Earth (Pentacles/Material), Air (Swords/Mind), Fire (Wands/Creativity), and Water (Cups/Emotions). With this information in mind, how would you interpret a King of Wands: An original creative thinker, comes up with their ideas and isn’t afraid to see them to fruition. I mean, he is holding his wand pretty erect in front of him. They don’t have any shame ...some call it BDE (Big Dick Energy)..it can also be called confidence. Been there, done that, watch me do it again.

What about let’s say a Page of Swords? Well, classically Page’s were pre-teens and just starting their work in the court. They did the dirty work because they didn’t have the experience to do the jobs that require more responsibility. For me a Page of Swords is always a horrible communicator. They might be relaying messages, but it’s not their words...gossip much. 

The same formula can be applied to every other suit combining masculine-feminine energy, the strength of power and element. 

I also like to look at where a court card is in the reading. If someone does not show up in a spread when someone tells me they are in a relationship, I am wondering: Well, where are they? It could be the connection is dead, the love is gone or a long-distance situation where the person is not physically around. When someone has plenty of court cards in a reading, they have a ton of people or suitors around.

If your interest does show up in your reading, pay attention to where they might be looking. Is the court card looking at your querent card? Alternatively, are they looking at a work card, maybe their issues, or a child? Regardless, a 2 of Cups or a Lover’s card will trump most of these issues, so it is always important to look at surrounding cards. 

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