New Moon Report by Mystic Sandwich:
How to Tame Your Lion

The first of two (!) New Moons in Leo is this Sunday, July 23rd at 2:46am PST at 0 degrees of Leo. We’ll have a second New Moon in Leo (also total solar eclipse) on August 27th, making this doubly a LEO time of year.

This New Moon is made extra potent by a conjunction to Mars which lends power, dynamism, and determination to the Leo impetus to set out on our own unique path, and playfully create in a way that is true to ourselves. The message is clear: forget what other people want or expect of you, give up trying to please others; the path to joy is through expressing yourself in a way that is true to you. And that NECESSARILY means disappointing others and/or facing criticism.

It’s impossible to be creative and original, to have a unique perspective without ruffling some feathers. As long as you speak up there will always be someone who disapproves or at least sees things differently. What if we could see this kind of opposition as a positive indicator that we’re on track? It means we are expressing ourselves, rather than staying quiet in order to keep the peace.

Mars offers us this kind of confidence. Mars propels us even in the face of difficulty. Find the sword’s edge of exalted Martian energy, confidence, motivation, and drive. When we express a planet’s energy in the highest way, with integrity and awareness, then the energy doesn’t need to express itself in negative ways. It’s when there’s no outlet for the energy that it’s less desirable manifestations arise. In this case if we hide our gifts, stifle our creativity, conform and compromise--ignoring Leo’s invitation to the creative life, then the energy is liable to spill over into arrogance, aggression, petty fighting, need for approval, egocentrism, or excessive partying and pleasure seeking.

An approaching Venus-Saturn opposition may feel heavy as it challenges our relationships and finances, but it offers the gift of seeing these areas of life more clearly and realistically, and supports us in making changes that are beneficial in the long run.

The Moon inconjunct Neptune and Pluto in the hours following the New Moon suggests that an adjustment is in order as we move into the lunar month of Leo. We’re asked to alter our emotional connection to Neptune--our means of accessing oceanic, unitive consciousness, our means of soothing ourselves, of finding solace. Neptune’s troubles often take the form of addiction, escapism, self-sacrifice, martyrdom.

We’re asked to examine our subtle relationship to substances, television, sex, approval, appearances, devices, etc. None of these things are inherently bad, it’s our relationship to them that it’s important to investigate. The key question is why we engage in some behaviour. We can use our intuition to know whether or not we’re in alignment.

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Full Moon Report by Mystic Sandwich:
After Feelings, Freedom

The Full Moon in Capricorn represents powerful and intense energies, with deep possibilities for healing (9:07pm PST July 9th). The Moon is conjunct Pluto, the Sun is conjunct Mars, and they’re all square to Jupiter.  These hard angles signal energy that is difficult to master, but highly rewarding when we do.

On the way to mastery, there are upwellings of emotions as unresolved tensions are brought to the surface for awareness and release. The Sun and Mars in water sign Cancer offers an opportunity to feel into the emotions fully, to move through them and let them move through us, to learn from them and see what they wish to teach us.

The Moon and Pluto in Capricorn shine a light on career and public presence. On a collective level we are brought to consider our public role, our contribution to the community. This is the work you came to Earth to do, the work that lights up your soul (whether or not it pays the bills). Now is an ideal time to gain insight and clarity regarding your career.

You may wish to meditate on career at the time of the Full Moon: set your intention to receive insight and then sit, with your mind open and receptive. Don’t try to think your way to clarity, just be ready to receive. If nothing comes right away, you may find in the days that follow, that answers come in surprising ways.

Capricorn also represents the patriarchy, tradition, control, and structure. With Pluto here, triggered by the moon, there may be powerful realizations and upwellings around these themes. This could be a potent time of release and healing around our collective traumatization from patriarchal structures. Perhaps we will remember we are free.

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New Moon Report by Mystic Sandwich:
The Way Forward

The New Moon in Gemini, exact at 12:44pm PST on Thursday, May 25th, ups the pace for the coming month. The pattern of background energy shifts from mellow and sustaining to energetic and staccato. As the weather warms we naturally feel more active and curious. This month we are likely to be busy with many different activities, tasks, and social engagements. We leave the home, we leave the garden, we go out into the neighbourhood, we go out and explore. We do many things, maybe all at once.

Gemini is supreme curiosity, hungry for information. Gemini eats facts and data whole, hardly chewing first. Gemini needs to be quick, needs to jump from point to point, to connect seemingly unconnected data. Gemini can’t linger, it must move on to the next alluring and interesting thing; it’s this movement that make the story. This is Gemini’s genius, to connect the dots and weave the strands of information into stories that entertain and educate; that provide meaning and soul sustenance.

Mercury, the moon’s ruler, sextile Neptune, lights up the imagination, and brings a spiritual dimension to this New Moon. The New Moon aspects Pluto and Venus which are square to each other. As the light of the moon grows over the next week, our way forward will become clear. But first, Pluto asks us to face our fears, compulsions, demons. Pluto square Venus brings intensity, and hidden issues to light in relationships. Our relationships mirror our internal dynamics. What are the hidden expectations, desires, conflicts, and gold within you that your relationships reflect?

With the North Node recently shifting out of Virgo and into Leo, we transition out of a period of intense internal processing in which we turned our critical capacities within, and really looked at ourselves, sifting through the contents of our souls. This work has the quality of a prolonged crisis of the self and is accompanied by a persistent low-level anxiety and irritation, an unspecified sense that things aren’t quite right. This kind of work doesn’t usually feel like work. But now that it’s over, perhaps you can see what you’ve accomplished. Perhaps you feel lighter now after having cleared the clutter of your soul.

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Full Moon Report by Mystic Sandwich:
Wild Nights

The Full Moon in Scorpio at 2:43pm PST on Wednesday May 10th brings light to themes around material and emotional security, the body, sensuality, sexuality, money, power, possession/ownership, and indulgence. Scorpio is the most powerful and intense sign, and tends to bury its immense emotional charge deep underground. This Full Moon may bring an upwelling of emotions that have been repressed. As always, take the opportunity for release and integration.

A major transit happens on Tuesday May 9th, when the North Node of the moon (symbolizing our direction, point of evolution and destiny) shifts signs from Virgo to Leo, and the South Node (our past, where we’re coming from, what we have to integrate and/or leave behind) shifts from Pisces to Aquarius. For the past year and half, we’ve been working toward purification, self-improvement, health (Virgo), and letting go of victim consciousness, escapism, and addictions (Pisces).

For the next year and a half, our focus shifts to creative self-expression, play, and doing more of what we love (Leo). It’s time to really step into our callings. Let’s be guided by creativity and joy while maintaining our grounding in community, activism, and social awareness (Aquarius).

Many of us have struggled to find belonging (Aquarius). Many of us have experienced exclusion or not fitting in. Enough experiences like that can lead us to identify as outsiders, to assume that we’ll never fit in. For those for whom this is true, this transit over the next year and a half can help us to accept that we deserve to belong, that it’s possible for us. We are supported now in expressing our true natures, and in so doing, in connecting with the people and groups that see us and appreciate us for who we are.

These themes will be with us for the next 18 month, but see if you can feel the shift on Tuesday (May 9th)--this is a big change. Also on Tuesday, the Sun trines Pluto: something may be revealed, we may come to understand some situation more clearly. This theme is echoed by the final of three conjunctions between Mercury and Uranus, also on Tuesday. For the past three weeks we’ve been working with this pattern that brings inspiration, insight, surprise, innovation, shake-ups, all with the potential for lasting impact. With Mercury now direct (as of May 3rd), this final conjunction may help us understand more deeply, and take action more directly.

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New Moon Report by Mystic Sandwich
The Importance of Pleasure

Halfway between winter and summer, the New Moon in Taurus soothes us with bird songs and the smell of fresh earth. Taurus invites us to slowness, and enjoyment of lush blooms and thick green. The trees sing: think less, enjoy more. Replace thought with embodiment, worry with pleasure.

Venus, the Ruler of this New Moon, is conjunct the wounded healer, Chiron, and square to Saturn, testing our relationships, values, and finances. For the past month, these areas of our lives have been up for review, and underlying issues have been brought to the surface. Saturn helps us to accept responsibility, and to understand our relationships in a more realistic light. Chiron can trigger old wounds, but in so doing offers an opportunity to heal.

Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries is another potent pattern that coincides with the New Moon. Mercury-Uranus ignites genius, offers original, innovative ideas and solutions. This is not the kind of thought that comes from long hard thinking, but from a clear mind. The less you think, the better you think, and the Taurus New Moon can really help us to still the mind. A clear mind is open to ideas that are offered from beyond. With Mercury retrograde, the insights will likely relate to ideas that we’ve been mulling over for some time.

Mercury and Uranus are trine to Saturn, which lends longevity to ideas that come through at this time. Saturn stabilizes and supports. It helps us to make practical and real what otherwise could be fleeting.

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Full Moon Report by Mystic Sandwich:
Love & War

The Libra Full Moon (Monday, April 10th, 11:08pm PST) not only highlights relationships, it also triggers the ongoing T-square between Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries. The T-Square is connected to some long-term transits and events that may take decades to unfold, so to understand this week’s themes, we need to zoom out a little.

Pluto’s slow transit through Capricorn from 2008-2023 signals the complete transformation of our social institutions including government and economic structures, and brings to the surface issues around patriarchy, control, dominance, and power. Trump’s presidency, and the rise of far-right politics in Europe are examples of Pluto (power) in Capricorn (patriarchy, control).

Pluto is associated not just with power, but also with transformation. Pluto is lord of the underworld, and stirs up the depths to reveal what had been hidden, and it is this awareness that fuels transformation. Right wing sentiments have been lurking beneath the surface, they are simply more visible now. This visibility is necessary in order for transformation to occur. (We are likely to experience the climax of the Pluto in Capricorn transit between the end of 2019 to the end of 2020, during which there is a Pluto-Saturn conjunction, as well as a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and some other powerful aspects.)

From 2010-2016, Uranus was in a square aspect with Pluto. Together, these planets symbolize revolution and resistance to autocratic authority: the people speaking up to and acting against abuses of power. The Occupy movement, The Arab Spring, Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, and Standing Rock are some instances of this. The Pluto-Uranus square is the first quarter in a cycle that began with a conjunction between Uranus and Pluto in the mid-60s. So the themes of social justice that have been prominent in the past 7 or so years are a continuation of the civil rights movement. The opposition, the halfway point in this cycle (analogous to a full moon), will be in the mid-2040s, which is when we can expect to experience another wave of these themes, and the fruition of our efforts now.

While the Pluto-Uranus square is now waning, throughout 2017, Jupiter is in opposition with Uranus, and square to Pluto, thereby drawing the Pluto-Uranus square back together, and bringing in another wave of the revolutionary themes we’ve seen highlighted since about 2010. Jupiter in Libra also brings in more themes around social justice, community, and legal action. So it’s little surprise we’re seeing so much legal action brought to bear on social issues. We can expect this to continue throughout the year.

Uranus is associated with shocks, sudden action, surprises, and Aries is the god of war. Uranus is also associated with freedom, which can mean acting without regard for rules or law. This symbolism is activated this week, as the Sun comes to conjunct Uranus, and the moon opposes it. Trump’s missile attack on Syria on Thursday (without congressional or UN approval) is perfectly in line with this symbolism.

There is no guarantee that this period of revolution and transformation will lead to peace and justice. It’s just as likely for revolution to lead to fascism. The planets have no morality. Our personal and collective actions determine the fate of the world. As well as more obvious forms of political action and activism, the personal is political; there is no line between actions that affect politics and world events and those that don’t. Our every action matters; as each one of us makes some small move, together we create waves and change the culture and change the world.


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New Moon Report by Mystic Sandwich: 
What is Courage?

The New Moon in Aries is on Monday March 27th at 7:57pm PST. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries signals new beginnings and new life after the cold and dark of winter. Aries is full of energy and enthusiasm, and bursts forth through the frosted ground, ready for anything. Aries’ great gift is courage. Courage doesn’t mean being fearless; it means going ahead despite fear. This New Moon lends us the courage to stand more fully in our truth, to live our lives true to ourselves regardless of what others think or say.

Not only are the Sun and Moon in Aries, but so are Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and the asteroid Eris. With Saturn in Sagittarius as well, that’s a lot of fire! Fire is energy, it helps us initiate new projects and assert ourselves. Fire signs are enthusiastic, inspired, and optimistic. That said, all the planets in Aries are ruled by Mars in slow-going Taurus. So there is energy but it’s not moving anywhere very fast. This kind of fire is not explosive; it’s a carefully guarded flame that will burn for many days. It can help us work slowly and patiently. With Venus retrograde, this energy is just as conducive to review as it is to new beginnings.

If we struggle against this slow, reflective fire, we may find ourselves frustrated. It may feel like taking two steps forward, one step back. This energy is best used, not to fly forward (which might mean flying into a wall), but to clarify and then act on our values. What is truly important to you and why? What are your needs and desires? What do you actually want? These questions can seem so simple that we don’t always take the time to answer them. But unless we slow down and get really clear on what we want, we aren’t likely to actually achieve it. Clarifying our wants, needs, and desires can help us to communicate them as well.

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